China has approximately 4 million cataract victims, with 500,000 new cases being diagnosed each year, disproportionately in rural area. The Lifeline Express is a custom-built Hospital Eye-Train which travels to remote areas to bring eyesight and hope to China’s neediest patients.

The long term goal of Lifeline Express is to reduce blindness in China. Hence the need to train eye-doctors in China becomes the obvious next step. The work is divided into three parts. [more...]

In order to improve the quality of eye health care in China, Lifeline Express has partnered with the International Council of Ophthalmology (ICO) to promote standardized international exams in the less developed provinces of China. [more...]

Installing a solar hot water system at a rural school can vastly improve the living conditions of students without increasing the financial burden of the school. Lifeline Express already has installed over 150 hot water systems in village schools. [more...]

Lifeline Express responded promptly to the May 2008 Sichuan earthquake. Through the Lifeline Express Training Center in Mianyang, Lifeline Express quickly obtained accurate information about the earthquake victims’ needs and delivered over 100 tons of relief items within days.  [more...]

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