Sharing of Awards of ICO International Fellowship

Zhao Hongshu – Beijing Tongren Hospital
I am writing to extend my sincere gratitude to you funding my ICO FELLOW training project.
Now that I am home and I feel extremely happy. During the time I learned and lived in Wheaton, I promised myself I would write a letter of thanks as soon as I was able.
I wanted to report my wonderful trip to you.
In the past three months, I had followed Dr. Gieser learn how to exam the fundi of patients comprehensively and diagnosis diseases correctly. I performed the examinations of 523 patients, gave presentations 8 times, and took part in their doctor's meeting 3 times and case reports 2 times. I watched and studied the surgical procedures every Tuesday, which were different from ours in detail.
I was lucky to have chances to take part in several concerts, East Holiday, several birthdays’ parties, and several dinner parties, which help me to understand America cuture.
What I could do practically with my hands was to exam outpatients with slit lamp, direct or indirect ophthalmoloscopy, and three-mirror lens, then drew a fundi's chart.
Simultaneously, I improved my oral English greatly, which helped me understand. Fortunately, I met my aims.
It was a wonderful and successful trip to me.
Thank you for giving me a chance to learn from America doctors. I really appreciated it!
Please, never stop your beautiful way to help people. Your help really means a lot of to me and anyone who in need as well.
My true gratitude is beyond the word’s description.
Best wishes,
Hongshu Zhao MD.
Beijing Tongren Hospital,
Beijing Tongren Eye center,
Capital University of Medical Sciences.
Beijing, China.100730