Sharing of Awards of ICO International Fellowship

Chen Xin – Beijing An-zhen Hospital


I have already finished my three-month fellowship in New York Eye and Ear Infirmary. I am so appreciative for your generous support for such a precious opportunity for me. Now I also feel excited about this amazing experience.

Honestly, I actually have learned a lot. Dr Ritch has arranged a wonderful schedule for me. I could follow four glaucoma specialists in his office which provided me a good chance to learn the individual way they treat  their own patients. They were all very warm-hearted to answer my questions and explain the details for me.

Every week I could observe in the operation room twice. I nearly saw all kinds of surgeries relevant to glaucoma. To tell the truth, I have never seen some surgeries before, such as DESAK, canaloplasty and intacs insertion. Dr Ritch taught me some techniques to improve my operative skill. And they let me make a record of the surgeries for further practice which I was interested in. Also, they taught me how I could follow the patients postoperatively and deal with different conditions.

I could see more than 100 glaucomatous patients each week. For some interesting cases, they would let me examine the patients with their permits. They had a wonderful computer system which helped me to learn about the whole medical history of the patients. They guided me to recognize some slight signs which I almost missed before to assist diagnosis. They told me if I confronted any problems in the future I could not hesitate to contact with them.

Meanwhile, I was deeply impressed by their clinical research. They could follow a patient for more than 30 years. They had a good research team and many fabulous machines. They had more than twenty papers showed as posters or lectures in ARVO meeting this year. Their research involved in a wide range of fields such as imaging of the optic nerve, genetic consultant, and risk factors for glaucoma et al.

On every morning, a lecture concerning different fields in ophthalmology was held. Professors and residents were together to discuss the difficult cases in the clinics. I learnt a lot of clinical analytic ways which would be so helpful in my future work.

Last, but certainly not the least, I practiced my English so well.

In summary, I enjoyed such an amazing fellowship in New York Eye and Ear infirmary which was granted by you. Honestly, my hospital is not famous in ophthalmology and I am just a resident. I never thought that I could have this chance to study overseas. I am so thankful for your kind and generous support for me. I will practice the thing I learnt in my clinical work to serve the patients better.