Sharing of Awards of ICO International Fellowship

Zhang Guihua – Joint Shantou International Eye Center
I am writing to you to express my everlasting gratitude and appreciation for the wonderful opportunity granted to me by your esteemed foundation. My experiences in the UK will prove invaluable to my practice as an Ophthalmologist in China .
My fellowship post lasted for three months, during which I utilised my time efficiently to meet as much learning objectives as possible. Professor Usha Chakravarthy and her team have thankfully aided me to build upon my skills in interpreting key diagnostic techniques in Ophthalmology such as FFA, ICGA and OCT. This of course has its major benefit in enabling me to identify the principal subtypes of AMD.
I have undergone placements on ward, various clinics, and operative theatres under the direct mentoring of the consultant in charge on that occasion. To mention examples I may include, clinics in general ophthalmology, macular service, uveitis, laser phototherapy in diabetic retinopathy. In addition, I witnessed surgical operations to treat cataract, retinal detachment and macular hole repair.
I have also attended bi-weekly general club and the educational programme set out for trainee doctors in Royal College of Ophthalmology. Key topics that I can mention include diabetic retinopathy, OCT findings in various eye conditions, and IVAN study interim report. I also conducted a brief AMD related research.
Staff in the Royal Victoria Hospital and Centre for Vision and Vascular Science has been very friendly and approachable. I have not had any difficulty to integrate fully with the team despite the language barrier. However, a colleague at the centre; and later become a friend; have driven me around with his family to experience the sublime natural beauty of Northern Ireland . This has inadvertently improved my English language at various levels and especially listening comprehension, fluency and writing.
Highest regards,
Guihua Zhang
Joint Shantou International Eye Center
me with Usha
with colleagues